Nikki Smith, Nikki Wordsmith, Manchester Central Library, The Reading Room, Quarantine

Photo by Erika Nagae

Hello You,

I love people, stories and words. Mix that together and out come the labels of wordsmith, writer, journalist, novelist, hack, plus many more nouns to try on for size. Really I’m just me. Like you are just you. We are base forms awaiting our next linguistic program upload. Words can be a decoy, a tool, protective, defensive, our workhorse and rather wonderfully an explosion of expression so powerful they can make you fall in love, bring peace, start wars, save lives and infinite other events in existence. Words are the No 1 by-product of experience* (see comments below). We need to use them wisely.

After leaving Cardiff Journalism School in 1999 I went into print news journalism, staffing for The Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph, The Lancashire Evening Post and Newsflash, a national press agency based in Edinburgh. In between writing work I have picked up more than a few business tricks from the music industry and marketing and relationship management skills from the arts. I’ve also inflated balloons with helium at the Haydock Races. See Portfolio.

Regarding my style and communication, I like to work closely with clients to create work that is true to what the client wants and work that sticks in the collective consciousness. See Services.

Righty ho. That’s probably enough from me for now, your turn.

Literally yours,

Nikki Wordsmith

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  1. Pedant that I am, I’d say memories are the number one byproduct of experience, but since they’re impossible to relay without words, I’ll let that one pass, Nikki Smith. I just popped in to wish you all sum of awesome deservedness for this natural step you’re taking here. You’ve always nurtured words, letting them flutter out to passersby to cherish as their own: it is a wonder that you took until now to find yourself fit for purpose, but fit and ready you are. I still have a copy of “The Ism Diaries” from your travels those years ago that you posted online and shared with friends. Hearty words, well shared, well cherished and kept. X

    • You say pedant. I say hairsplitter! Good point though, perhaps it should say, ‘Words are the No 1 by-product of memories, which are the No 1 by-product of experience.’

      That leads me to ponder if experience is the No 1 by-product of life, what is life the No 1 by product of? Oh dear think I’m getting into a Tiswas, nurse…

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