Since my birth in a German army hospital in 1973 I have often wondered about the importance of an Oxford comma compared to actually getting stuck in and writing about people and their lives.

I have come to the conclusion; it’s important but not as important.

What really is important though is truth, humour and having a genuine interest in the subject matter to get people’s stories told right. I am interested in nearly everything apart from golf but will often find myself veering towards the Quiet Voices, The Great Unwashed, the Hoi Polloi and the Underdog.

As a staffing journalist at the turn of the millennium I was drawn to stories about human interest, funnies and the occasional animal star turn. In recent years after a stint in the arts I have turned my amicable laconic story-stelling style onto anyone and anything whose story moves me. Ah the joy of being freelance and being able to pick and choose what I write about these days or what picks and chooses me. An utter delight.

Artist David Shrigley described my piece on his latest show How Are You Feeling? as the ‘best of the bunch’.

My latest venture is encouraging people to treat their family and friends like celebrities and get to know them more through interviews and a little book making service called gift-of-a-lifetime.

A recent career highlight was a trip to MediaCityUK Salford to see the filming of Countdown. Within two seconds of the conundrum being revealed as captivity I almost got it right when I shouted out ‘captivate’ at exactly the same time as the contestant.


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