Google Google Day @ 12pm on 12/12/12

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we all googled Google at the same time?

Would it be the end of the internet, nee the world, as not predicted by reputed seer Nostradamus*, who didn’t mention armageddon or the internet or the year 2012 in his well-famous book Les Prophecies?

If we all give it a whirl, say at the above time and date, which to me is a fine counterbalance to the evil of the 6/6/6 date, who knows what will happen?

Perhaps a repeat of the butterfly effect might occur, where a cabbage white batted its wings in Doncaster in the summer of 1973 and the population of the Isle of White levitated simultaneously for three whole seconds.

Or maybe a virtual event horizon will take place elevating our consciousness to that all important oneness Buddhists and the shopping channel QVC have been preaching about for years?

I’ll say it again though, because it bears repeating. Who knows, if we all do it, what will happen? Not me. Worth finding out though, don’t you think?



*He was partial to making jam though, specifically cherry.

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