Name Cheque // 1

On my way the co-operative grocery store Unicorn I passed the Tesco the residents of Chorlton protested for years not to get. I glanced down at my TK Maxx bought New Balance trainees and thought about all the shoes I’d worn in my life. There were the first pair: the Adidas ones purchased in former Yugoslavia, the Clarks ones, the Reebok ones, the Converse ones (natch), the Docs, the Nikes, more Docs, the Welly-Bobs, even more Docs, the Crocs, the Paratrooper Boots (what was I thinking?), the Merrells, the Borrowed Bowling Shoes (never returned), the Birkenstocks and the Havaianas Flip-Flops.

Not a bad shoe in for some footwear sponsorship, is it? Size seven, thank you.

Soley yours,


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