| Selected Works:

| Travelling Light Circus, Manchester, UK.

Working with Andy and Dan of Travelling Light Circus was really good fun as you can imagine working with circus people. It was a nice creative collaboration that helped combine a story-teller voice for their website who says lots of relevant keywords and search phrases to connect with and attract audiences and clients alike.

Andrew Brooks Photography, Manchester, UK.

Working one-to-one with people is, for me, one of the most rewarding parts of being a writer. Building up an intimate rapport to understand emphatically the client’s vision, and how they want to present it takes time and trust. So far with we have worked together on his CV, work history interviews, first and third person bios, newsletters and boosting license income streams from his striking photographs.

Newsflash Press Agency, Scotland, UK.

As an agency news journalist a call could come in any hour from an editor at a national news desk from anywhere in the country. The number of Friday nights I scoured the land to cover a petrol crisis, a health scare or just a good yarn, led to many many stories like these.

Salford Zine Library, UK.

If you’re an independent creative the times can be harder than for bigger organizations to survive. It’s important to me that we all help each other out and share skills. SZL were moving into their new space at Nexus Art Café, Manchester and needed some words for a fund-raising film.

| Bolton Hot Wheels, UK.

In this Olympic year sports stories abound so it was good to get some column inches for this cycling club helping local people get back on track with their lives. Published in print (The Bolton Evening News) and online (The Bolton News).

The Pink Paper, London, UK.

Back in the day when I was younger and having fun before The Man and The Machine wrestled for my life, a drink out on Canal Street led to this little gem of a cute animal story.

The Big Issue in the North, Manchester, UK.

It has been a long-term goal to write for this ethical social improvement publication. A raft of ideas are currently sitting with the editor to help give their homeless vendors some much needed column inches in the magazines they sell with a view to boosting their self-esteem and sales.

| Gift of a Lifetime

When my aging great aunty Lucy was approaching her twilight years I decided to interview her about my dad for his sixtieth birthday. She was old, ninety-six, had one eye and was confined to her bed after multiple hip operations on both legs but her mind was as sharp as a pin. And, more importantly from the vantage point of knowing him his whole life, she had a unique take on him. The result was a genuine and touching way to get to know my family, the present was original and the booklet became a small piece of family history. Treat your family and friends like celebrities and give them the gift of a lifetime. Your stories your way. Whether it be a one-on-one interview documented and written up in the voice of the family member or a full-on round the family take on a particular person. Either way you call the shots on how you would like to personalize these booklets and give someone a truly special and moving gift.


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