Nikki Smith, Nikki Wordsmith, Manchester Central Library, The Reading Room, Quarantine
Nikki Smith in the Manchester Central Library Photo: @Erikaneagle (IG)

Nikki Smith was born in 1973 in a German army hospital. Since then she has often wondered about the importance of an Oxford comma compared to actually sticking your head into a situation or subject and writing about what she finds out.

After a stint at Cardiff Journalism School (Class of 1999) she came to the conclusion the Oxford comma is important but not as important as giving people a voice who might not otherwise have one. Early in the millennium as a staff journalist she was drawn to stories of human interest, the funnies and the occasional animal star turn.

These days as a freelancer she has blended her writing philosophy and love of those kinds of stories into a signature style of writing she has coined blogalism – a mixture of blogging and professional journalism skills. Her way with words is well-researched, informative, often humorous and always human.

Artist David Shrigley described her piece on his show How Are You Feeling? as the ‘best of the bunch’. Her blog about the 138th Kentucky Derby followed in the footsteps of Hunter S.Thompson some forty years later. While comedian Sophie Willan’s TV debut became a hit during coronavirus lockdown.

Another string to her bow is helping people who are stuck for words in a thoughtful and collaborative way. She loves helping professionals, business people, students and academics grow in confidence, develop their voice and fulfil their potential – please see clients and portfolio for further information.

A recent career highlight was a trip to MediaCityUK in Salford to see the filming of TV quiz game Countdown. Within two seconds of the conundrum being revealed she almost got it right when she shouted out ‘CAPTIVATE’ at exactly the same time as the winning contestant when they said ‘CAPTIVITY’.

PS It’s a bit weird talking about yourself in the third person, isn’t it?