Common, Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Mother’s Day


I could easily kick my twenty-three year old self. Hard. I gave this poem, written on a carved wooden flower, to my Mum for Mother’s Day in 1996. Yet, much to my mortification, only recently have I realised a glaring mistake.

In the fourth line ‘kind, kinder, kindness’ where I am clearly demonstrating my command of adjectives and poetic prowess, I first use the common adjective ‘kind’, then the comparative adjective ‘kinder’, followed by the noun ‘kindness’, when I should, of course, used the superlative adjective kindest.

This is really quite catastrophic for the poem and an unforgiveable mistake in anyone’s book. Fortunately for me, my Mum didn’t notice my mistake either, as she would have had every right to disown me.

The Poem Itself

Every day my Mother came

Day after day, again and again

In the summer Laura Ashley dress

Kind, kinder, kindness.

In the winter when we lose control

She is the warmth against the cold.

The Poem Itself was written on a wooden flower from the decorations of a club night called Emotion that me and my student friends ran at Reading University

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