Applications and CVs

Stand Out From The Crowd

You’ve analyzed the job description and decided this is the dream job for you. Now it’s time to sit down and write that winning CV and cover letter. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd, make a good first impression and get picked from that stack of papers for an interview? Years of recruiting and managing teams combined with my writing experience will help your personality and skills lift off the page, stand out from the competition and wow any future employer.

Bios and Profiles

If you’re an individual or a company having a career or workplace history written up creatively and concisely as a short story gives potential employers and the public a great snapshot of who you are.

Unlike a CV it enables you to get your personality, experience and highlight your skills in a unique factual way.

These can also be scripted and filmed, easily linked to You Tube or Vimeo, so you can talk directly to the people you want to make your mark with.

Working with a writer pulls out your best selling points, adds an authentic voice and gives your admirable characteristics more scope to impress.

Research and Funding Applications

Facing the workload of researching and writing up your job or funding application can be a daunting prospect. Let me help you take the stress out of these situations. Perhaps you want to research your dream job, move up the ladder or navigate the Arts Council Grantium application system? Whatever the next stage is you have in mind I can help you get there.

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