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Sophie’s Not Normal

Never mind the bog rolls, if ever the country needed a reet good gallows laugh it is now. Fortunately for us, there’s a comedian who can help us in our dark hour....
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Julie Hilling: The Labour Party Ground Game

Julie Hilling is next to me pounding the pavements on a cold and wet day in Johnson Fold. The Labour candidate for the Bolton West constituency says it’s not a place you pass through, you have to hunt out the locals here....
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How Nana Helped Me Become A Writer

Or How One Adoption Played A Crucial Role In Three Generations Of My Family Kathleen’s arm rests on an old printing press at the Beck Isle Museum in Pickering, Yorkshire. She possibly worked this exact machine – a Colombian Letterpress Double Demi – when she was a young woman...
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The Reading Room by Quarantine in Central Library

  “I’ve never been in here before,” said Jules about Central Library. “It is completely overwhelming.” Despite being a resident of Manchester for eighteen years, it’s not really surprising as reading has never been one of her favourite things to do. An undiagnosed dyslexic at school in the 1980s...
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Last Splash: The Breeders at Primavera in Barcelona

In 1993 an empty Last Splash CD case permanently resided at the top of the other CDs sprawled across typical student detritus that grew next to my bed – an overflowing stolen pub ashtray, penguin biscuit wrappers and unused packets of fruit-flavoured condoms. (Only the mint one ever got...
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A Love Letter To Alexandra Park by Teresa Green

Dear Alexandra,
It’s been nearly three weeks since we started hacking trees off you left, right and centre. 
My heart breaks into a thousand pieces that we can’t fix the damage that has been done.
Please forgive us....
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David Shrigley: Little Drawings Big Issues

Colin the Big Issue seller had a busy week last week. His pitch is right outside the main entrance of the Cornerhouse that has just opened its doors to David Shrigley’s new show How Are You Feeling? and the ever-affable artist designed the cover on the magazine. “I sold...
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