Writing Qualifications 

Scribe (Amanuensis) – Manchester Metropolitan University (2015).

Note-taker – Qualification with Access Summit for Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University (2014).

Print Journalist – Post-Graduate Diploma: Cardiff University Journalism School (1999) with modules on Public Administration and Media Law and Ethics.

Teeline Shorthand 100wpm – Post-Graduate Diploma: Cardiff University Journalism School (1999).

University of Reading – BA Hons in Archaeology with Chemistry (1st year). Dissertation on the Origin of Art (1995).

Writing Work History 

Freelance Writer 

My life-long passion with words is offered as a range of writing services to clients and I am open to all writing projects. I love rearranging the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet. Let me at them.

Study Facilitator

As a study coach I help students get better results and pass exams by helping them write essays, dissertations and theses. This revolves around planning a programme of support of current difficulties and an assessment of what the course demands and what the deadlines are for work. All of this is done in conjunction with the student, student’s teachers, supervisors and guidelines of their education establishment. Ultimately it all helps you develop your voice, confidence, ideas and gets you the right result to pass your exams and write your best essay, dissertation or thesis.


Proofreading can be very stressful and impossible if you’re close to deadline and you’ve been up to your eyes in the copy for the umpteenth time. Words begin to breakdown, punctuation looks unrecognisable and the text can start to swim on the screen. That’s how glaring spelling mistakes happen, making a reader baulk, teachers spit feathers or a potential new customer click off your page. I proofread websites, PhDs, marketing materials, professional blogs, anything that has words on it for a professional audience or publication.

2017 Parent

This year I got to take on the most important and underpaid job in the world. The skills required for this kind of work are a mixture of everything you could ever imagine doing in the workplace and then some. You have to multi-task resource management, multiple clothing and food projects, events and activities, human development, previously unimaginable levels of stress and anxiety while carrying the torch of hope for the continuation of the human race. But oh! When those little monkey arms wrap around your tree trunk torso you never want them to let go.

2017 Criminology Research Assistant for Dr Deborah Jump at Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Deborah Jump is becoming one of the leading criminologists in the U.K. recognised for her work  with youth justice at Manchester Metropolitan University when she won a Times Higher Education Award in 2019. As her research assistant I helped, amongst many other things, co-ordinate an international workshop with Comeback Industries, Copenhagen for practitioners, professionals and scholars of desistance, boxing and criminality.

2016-2014 Access Summit – Note-taker and Note-Taker Co-ordinator for Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University

I loved being on the books with Access Summit because of the social remit of the organisation and the kind of work I have gotten involved with. I started as a note-taker, a brilliant little job that saw me cycling around all campuses taking notes for disabled students in all subjects. Then as the note-taker co-ordinator my job involved matching a caseload of students and scheduling their timetables to the team of support workers.

2015 Scribe (Amanuensis) Manchester Metropolitan University

This role was to support students in exams by writing out exactly what they say to the letter. This requires a calming and reassuring presence, excellent spelling, grammar and listening skills, and forensic attention to detail. Handwriting must be neat, legible and produced at a speed of a minimum of 25 words per minute.

The Noughties Staff Journalist | Newsflash Press Agency Scotland | Preston Reporter and Lancashire Evening Post | Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

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