An Ode To The Power Of A Pasty

Today as Cornwall celebrates their patron St of Tin Miners – St Piran –  I’m of a mind to take a quick skedaddle down memory lane and put fingertips to plastic about one of Cornwall’s other greatest legends the late night pasty…

When I was an archaeology student at Reading University in the early 1990s, there was a twenty-four-hour petrol station called The Murco on London Road that I used to frequent. Often at night, often alone, often on a munchies mission. The singularity of my determination was motivated by only one thing that could get me out of bed and walking those streets at 3am in the morning – a Ginsters (sic) Cheese and Onion Pasty. Yes it deserves the caps. It was big. The Cold One eaten on the return journey back to halls was a gorgeous heavily latticed half-moon pastry pouch of slimy processed cheese. The Warm One eaten microwaved in the communal kitchen at dawn was even better.

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