Personal Presents

Gift of a Lifetime (see own website)

When my aging Aunt Lucy was approaching her twilight years I interviewed her about my dad for his sixtieth birthday. She was old, ninety-six, had one eye and was confined to her bed after multiple hip operations but her mind was as sharp as a pin. And, from the vantage point of knowing him his whole life, she had a unique take. The result was a genuine and touching way to get to know my family, the present was original and the booklet became a small piece of family history. Treat your family and frends like celebrities and give them the gift of a lifetime. Your stories your way. Whether it be a one-on-one interview documented and written up in the voice of the family member or a full-on round the family take on a particular person. Either way you call the shots on how you would like to personalize these booklets and give someone a truly special and moving gift.

Personalize It

Letters and poems, customized gift cards and booklets originally written for that special occasion including births, deaths, marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, mothers’ and fathers’ days and events. All projects worked on collaboratively keeping it personal, from the heart and always from you.

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