The Pike — A Poem For Lancashire Day

Time to honour our gradely county* for Lancashire Day so I wrote about The Pike — a part of the landscape I see first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Lancashire Day is on 27th November every year.

*REAL Lancashire includes Barrow-in-Furness to Manchester. Reet.

Pikes arrrs
Sez womon
In Aggy Cwop

Horwich Mon
Sez think
Thee not

Jog on
Borth sez
Belmont lad

That hills ars
Since me Dars Da
Da Da were a bairn

All of you
Best think on
Lord Lever scoffs

The Pike is
On my map
For the Bolton riff raff

To roll down on
Good Friday and
Crack their craniums

Folks aboon
out tha
minds surely

Council chap
Puts Pike
In Chorley

Even e
Groans at
Ar futility

Govment sold
Land tuh
Watter utilities

Hang on high land
Wer a
Celtic throne

Bin ar beacon
Fer last

Me make
Cup ring stone

Iridescent wings

Red rose
Head nods
Intuh wind

Mam Nature
Owd as hill
Sez Pikes

Fer evrewun
Allus wer
Allus will

Many thanks to all the photographers who contributed images of The Pike. Please follow their Instagram accounts to see the rest of their eye-catching images:

  • Ian Smith IG @butchers_lad
  • Matthew Craig IG @matts_journey
  • Cheryl Doran IG @Chereel
  • IG @kiwinde
  • Sarah W IG @nerdygrrrl

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