| Selected Skills

| Narrative Journalism

Self-portrait of David Shrigley

“Best of the bunch!”

David Shrigley, Artist 

Amazingly this quote is what David Shrigley wrote to me after I published a piece of narrative journalism about Big Issue vendor Colin Britt at the launch of his exhibition How Are You Feeling? Colin and I have developed a warm acquaintance over the years from his pitch outside Oxford Road train station. A cheery wave from across the street or a five minute chat about the weather and magazine sales. So it was an honour to be able to make him feel a part of one the city’s biggest art events.

Narrative or literary journalism is an original way to have your story told. The longer pieces can bring colour and insights into a story that differs greatly from a hard-nosed piece of news journalism. It is one of my favourite forms of writing to do for clients (and myself actually) as it allows for a lot more creativity while aiming to stick to the truth of a story as much as possible.

| Performance

Manchester Central Library November 2014
Nikki Wordsmith blog about her performance in The Reading Room by Quarantine

| Better Educational Results

“Nikki helped me copy-edit my PhD, and generally held me together through my academic nervous breakdown. You should hire her if you find yourself in a similar position.”

Dr Deborah Jump is becoming one of the leading criminologists in the U.K. recognised for her work  with youth justice at Manchester Metropolitan University when she won a Times Higher Education Award in 2019. Like her, many students up to PhD level often contact me to when they are daunted by a large writing project and want to make sure they achieve the highest grades.

Key areas of support include:

  • Research support ✔️
  • Essay ✔️
  • Undergraduate essay ✔️
  • Dissertation ✔️
  • Thesis ✔️
  • General study support for planning and deadlines ✔️

Key developments:

  • Your confidence ✔️
  • Your voice ✔️
  • Your ideas ✔️
  • Your skills ✔️

Please note : The work always adheres to the ethical boundaries of the educational establishment and within the guidelines of the student’s teacher.

| Dyslexia Support

| Professional Development

| Proofreading

“Thanks so much Nikki for your incredible proofreading support and quick turn around and availability it makes a massive difference to my peace of mind knowing that everything has the Nikki Wordsmith treatment. You’re the biz, the bomb and the boss hog when it comes to words of wisdom.”

| Susie Perry Debice, Nutritionalist

| Nurturing Spirit, Brighton, UK.

Susie Perry Debice is one of the leading nutritionalists in the country. With an impressive portfolio she is an established freelance editor, health writer and author herself. She knows the importance of getting her words professionally checked by another editor and proofreader. I make sure all her copy is a clean as a whistle and compliant to industry standards.

What the checks are:

  • Any type of document with words on it EG dissertations, essays, websites, blogs, CVs and letters and yes I even get requests for social media ✔️
  • At least two passes of the text ✔️
  • Spelling and punctuation ✔️
  • Grammar ✔️
  • References and citations ✔️
  • Any special needs such as industry regulated compliance checks ✔️
  • Comments and feedback on the changes ✔️

I use Track Changes in Word so you get an easy to read document with all the edits highlighted in a different colour. You also get a second proofed document with all the tracked changes accepted ready to send.

| Marketing

| Rivca Rubin Communications, Global

When Rivca contacted me to help her find the right words for The Refinery course I found myself learning more from her than I anticipated – it was one of the most collaborative working experiences I’ve had with a client. As a field leader in communications and mediation, she works with individuals and top organisations such as the BBC. Oh and she started an everyday language movement called Upwording to create positive revolutions in the mind. No biggie 🙂

Andrew Brooks Photography, Manchester, UK.

Andrew Brooks is one of the leading photographers in the city. His incredible eye and vast artistic images means many parts of the planet from the Fens in his homeland East Anglia to the NASA Florida coastline have been given the Andrew Brooks photoshopping treatment. So far with Andrew we have worked together on marketing and professional development in areas such as his CV, work history interviews, his bio, newsletters,  and helped to boost his license income streams by finding him representation with image licensing agency Gallery Stock in New York City.

| Social Media

| Scott Martin Productions, Adlington, Lancashire, UK.

Lesley Atherton is a unique individual, in as much she is a writer and a publisher. We’re at the beginning of an exciting working relationship together. I was overjoyed when she asked me to help her to start up her local community publishing company. So far I have: helped create and structure the three year plan, created an online marketing strategy and am currently working as the Social Media Co-ordinator developing the content strategy for her author and publishing emailers, blogs and social media channels.

| Websites

| Travelling Light Circus, Manchester, UK.

Working with Andy and Dan of Travelling Light Circus was really good fun as you can imagine working with circus people. It was a nice creative collaboration that helped combine a story-teller voice for their website content with oodles of relevant keywords to connect with and attract audiences and clients alike.

| National Journalism

Newsflash Press Agency, Scotland, UK.

As an agency news journalist a call could come in any hour from an editor at a national news desk from anywhere in the country. The number of Friday nights I scoured the land to cover a petrol crisis, a health scare or just a good yarn, led to many many stories like these.

The Pink Paper, London, UK.

Back in the day when I was younger and having fun before The Man and The Machine wrestled for my life, a drink out on Canal Street led to this little gem of a cute animal story.

| Local Journalism

| Bolton Hot Wheels, Bolton, UK.

In this Olympic year sports stories abound so it was good to get some column inches for this cycling club helping local people get back on track with their lives. Published in print (The Bolton Evening News) and online (The Bolton News).

| Art Concepts

As the UK went into its first lockdown I came up with this community photographic project to keep Dad busy.

| Film Narration

Salford Zine Library, Salford, UK.

IIlustrator Craig John Barr created a labour of love when he collected and built the Salford Zine Library  at Nexus Art Café, Manchester. To help him promote it he needed some words scripting for a fund-raising film.


| Personal Presents

| Gift of a Lifetime

When my ageing great aunty Lucy was approaching her twilight years I decided to interview her about my dad for his sixtieth birthday. She was old, ninety-six, had one eye and was confined to her bed after multiple hip operations on both legs but her mind was as sharp as a pin. And, more importantly from the vantage point of knowing him his whole life, she had a unique take on him. The result was a genuine and touching way to get to know my family, the present was original and the booklet became a small piece of family history. Treat your family and friends like celebrities and give them the gift of a lifetime. Your stories your way. Whether it be a one-on-one interview documented and written up in the voice of the family member or a full-on round the family take on a particular person. Either way you call the shots on how you would like to personalize these booklets and give someone a truly special gift.

And for a bonus tip…

If you want to improve your love life it might be wise to hire someone else…

‘I asked Nikki to help me write my dating profile and she wrote in my ad that I liked to wear a gnome costume at the weekend. NEVER HIRE THIS WOMAN FOR ANYTHING!’

 Sophie Willan, Comedian

Sophie is of course joking about never hiring me because she is a hilarious human whose whole skeleton is made of funny bones. The gnome costume however is true. I did write that as part of her dating profile ad. I also helped her with a project pitch and press story. FYI She has also been know to dress up as a Xmas tree too.

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