If you’ve got a story to tell but you don’t know how to tell it, or there’s a word stuck on the tip of your tongue for a great brand or product name, or you’re faced with drumming up well written words for a newsletter, a covering letter for that dream job I can help you sell yourself to reach the right people with the right message.

Some selected services below.

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  • Applications, Profiles and CVs  – bios, cover letters, funding and grants.
  • Advertorials –
  • Blogalism – a unique way to tell your story with a blog underpinned with journalistic research, facts, engagement and impact.
  • Developmental Editing – the big ideas, POV, themes, throughlines, structure, the over-arching plot,  developing an outline, and cultural contextualisation are some of the skills on offer for this big picture service.
  • Journalism – news and features, human interest stories, articles, interviews and press releases.
  • Marketing and Communications – website content, press releases and social media, copy and newsletters.
  • Proofreading and Editing – correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, appropriate words, flow, consistency and logical structure.
  • Study Coach and Facilitator – for students up to PhD level who want support to get better grades and results.
  • Pitch Me – don’t be a shy bairn, the first consultation is free.

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