If you’ve got a story to tell but you don’t know how to tell it, or there’s a word stuck on the tip of your tongue for a great brand or product name, or you’re faced with drumming up well written words for a newsletter, a covering letter for that dream job I can help you sell yourself to reach the right people with the right message.

  • Clients – an individual, collaborative, creative bespoke service.
  • Applications, Profiles and CVs  – bios, cover letters, funding and grants.
  • Journalism – news and features, human interest stories, articles and interviews.
  • Letter Writing – personal or professional, get letter writing today!
  • Marketing – website content, press releases and social media, copy and newsletters.
  • Proofreading and Editing – correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, appropriate words, flow, consistency and logical structure.
  • Personal Presents – whatever the occasion it’s always from you.
  • Social Media – tweets, posts, memes, plus so much more for all your content strategy needs.
  • Study Coach and Facilitator – for students up to PhD level who want support to get better grades and results.
  • Pitch Me – don’t be shy! First consultation FREE!

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