Study Coach

“Nikki helped me copy-edit my PhD, and generally held me together through my academic nervous breakdown. You should hire her if you find yourself in a similar position.”

Dr Deborah Jump is fast becoming one of the leading criminologists in the U.K. recognised for her work  with youth justice at Manchester Metropolitan University when she won a Times Higher Education Award in 2019. Like her, many students up to PhD level often contact me to when they are daunted by a large writing project and want to make sure they achieve the highest grades.

As a study coach I provide support to students who want to get better grades and results. I help in developing study strategies to result in the student becoming an independent learner through organisation, planning, improved academic writing skills, editing, copy-editing, proof-reading and presentation skills. This revolves around planning a programme of support of current difficulties and areas to improve on and an assessment of what the course demands and key deadlines for work. 

Key areas of support include: 

  • Research support ✔️
  • Essay ✔️
  • Undergraduate essay ✔️
  • Dissertation ✔️
  • Thesis ✔️
  • General study support for planning and deadlines ✔️

Key developments:

  • Your confidence ✔️
  • Your voice ✔️
  • Your ideas ✔️
  • Your skills ✔️

Please note: All of this work is done in conjunction with the student, student’s teachers, supervisors and ethical guidelines of their respective education establishment.

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