UK General Election 2019 Prediction

I’ve done some number-crunching for everyone so you don’t have to think or do any of your own research or fact checking.

Numbers of People Voting Labour ❌

➡️ Remain 16m + 4m who’ve changed
mind = 20m

➡️ Disabled people 3m

➡️ WASPI Women 3.7m

➡️ People Who use the Train 2m

➡️ New Young People who have registered

➡️ People who work in the NHS 3m

➡️ People who use the NHS 67m

➡️ My Dad who says he’s never voted Labour before. (I have asked to see a picture of his ballot paper with his thumb on. I’m not daft.)

Total = 99,700,001 people voting Labour 

Number of People Voting Tory 臘‍♀️

➡️ Leave 17m minus 3m old people who have died since 2016 = 14m

➡️ Number of secret Tories unknown but let’s say 5m

Total = 19m voting Conservative 

Result Labour win by a landslide of 114%

Please note: the number of people surveyed in this poll was 1 (my Dad). The number of cats surveyed in this poll was 1. It was brought to you by a neutral independent polling organisation called Two Exclamation Marks

Vote Labour!!

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